Zen Crystal Kit

Zen Crystal Kit

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Zen Crystal Kit. Zen comes from the Japanese buddhists whos way of life promotes meditation and intuition over outside sources. To have a zen state of mind is to be at peace, a lighthouse in the storm, unaffected by what life may throw at you. We designed this kit for those who deal with anxiety, overthinking and uneasiness in life, to bring balance and a state of calm to your mind and soul. Included in each Zen Kit is:

Black Tourmaline - the master protector, Black Tourmaline helps you to feel safe. One of the first crystals we reccommend everyone have in their kit, this stone has a supportive energy, shielding the user from negative energy and draining any negative energy from you. It’s brilliant for anxiety sufferers to hold or keep with them during the day.


Amethyst - another must have crystal, Amethyst is the all round magic stone. It instills peace in the mind, working with the crown chakra to really calm down the whole body. It protects spiritually, helps one with addictions and prevents the user fixating on problems or worried thoughts. It helps one connect more spiritually too, and is said to ward off nightmares.


Sodalite - a healing stone of truth. Sodalite helps you with the thoughts or circumstances you avoid in life. It gently helps you deal with fears that come up by looking at them through the lense of truth. Often, a problem is much bigger in our mind than it is when spoken out loud, and Sodalite helps one to realise this. Another crystal with a deeply soothing energy. If you find yourself getting caught in troublesome thoughts, Sodalite can help bring you back to the present.

Lepidolite -  Lepidolite is packed full of lithium, the same mineral used as a main ingredient in many pharmaceutical psychological medicines to relieve stress and anxiety. It feels like a companion, a stone you can turn to when needing a touch of nurturing or emotional healing. It soaks up stress and helps one to reach a deeper state of calm before sleep or meditation.

All crystal kits contain information cards with more information on each crystal and affirmations to help step into the energy of that crystal. 

*sizes, shape and colour may vary from the crystals pictured here due to the natural nature of the product 

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