Titania’s Sleeping Draught Spell Candle

Titania’s Sleeping Draught Spell Candle

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Titania’s Sleeping Draught holds a spell within it for you, one to help lull you into a sound sleep, one with cloudfilled dreams and starry skies 🌌 One light of this, and you’ll be safely in the land of nod 💤

Titania’s Sleeping Draught is scented with bergamot, cardamom, sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla. Warming and gentle, ready to help you drift off to serene skies.

Each Titania spell candle is adorned with an amethyst point, one that can be slipped under your pillow to ward of nightmares and encourage peace and relaxation. You can also thread it into a necklace or keep it in your pocket to keep the tranquil energy with you all day.

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