20cl SYLPH Air Element Candle
20cl SYLPH Air Element Candle

20cl SYLPH Air Element Candle

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SYLPH 🌬 Our Air Element Candle.

Sylph gets its namesake from the spirit of the sky. A lighthearted air spirit who lives in the wing and the skies, ready to fly down and help you at a moment’s notice.
Named after the butterfly, we infused Sylph with a token to its name. The bespoke butterfly in each candle invokes the energy of the air into your space, to bring about cleansing, light energy to uplift and inspire.
It is infused with Amethyst Aura, a beautiful stone connected to the crown chakra and element of air, to clear and calm the mind.
It’s scented with baby powder, a floral clean blend to freshen up your surroundings 🦋

The Sylph Spell Jar that accompanies each candle is created to honour and call in the spirits and element of Air into your space. Air is a wonderful element to work with to clear out, refresh and gain mental clarity.
Keep the Sylph Spell Jar close when wanting to remain focused and clear in your intentions, for self expression, working with the throat chakra, or communication.
Infused with Rose Quartz Chips for heart centring and connection to air through the heart. Lavender for peace and enhanced insight and communication with spirit. And Jasmine to invoke self confidence and assurance to express yourself.
The Sylph Candle and accompanying spell jar are available to purchase NOW from the link in bio 🌬

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