Soothsayer Folktale Candle
Soothsayer Folktale Candle

Soothsayer Folktale Candle

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Scent: Dark Honey, Warm Spices and Tobacco

For stormy nights as you sit in sanctuary, the roaring fire, an enchanting book and howling wind for company. The soothsayer is one who can foresee the future. They would often come in the form of a traveller or mysterious stranger, new to a village with stories to tell. They would disappear as quickly as they arrived, after mesmerising the town with their gifts.
We imagine SOOTHSAYER to be the scent of a quiet cosy tavern, the kind with inviting amber lights and worn creaking floorboards, warm spices and whisky in the air as a storm howls outside and a stranger enters, seeking solace from the night. 🌌

The folktale collection takes you on a walk through the autumn woods as evocative scents, nostalgic fairytales and Grimm stories whisper to you, meeting the legendary characters from the folktales you heard as a child.

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