Petrichor Soul Soak

Petrichor Soul Soak

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Scent - Cedarwood & Patchouli

Energy - Grounding & Protecting

Crystal - Pink Banded Agate

We evoked the meaning of this name - the scent of earth after it rains - by blending pure Cedarwood and Patchouli oils for an extremely grounding aromatherapy experience. Cedarwood works powerfully with the Root Chakra helping one to feel stable and rooted whereas Patchouli works with the Third Eye to help open it and connect with the intuition.
This woody blend is complimented with stripes of Pink Himalayan Salt, a wonder to soak in for replenishing minerals lost in the skin as well as a stripe of Dead Sea Salt which will powerfully detoxify and draw out impurities from your body.

We’ve also taken large dried rose flowers to mix into this earthly concoction so that when soaking you feel that you’re in your own magical woodland.

And finally, we’ve topped each batch with a gorgeous streaked Pink Banded Agate, a stone of pure comfort which aids the heart in overcoming bitterness and stabilising the aura, as well as dispelling fear.

Use this soak when your soul needs some grounding, protection and a safe space. 🌿

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