Messages from Mermaids Oracle Cards by Karen Kay

Messages from Mermaids Oracle Cards by Karen Kay

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Mermaids are the magical and mysterious elemental guardians of the sea, and can offer timeless wisdom, gentle solutions and encouraging messages to all who seek their guidance.

They’re especially aligned with emotions, and so it’s particularly useful to connect with their energy when it comes to matters of the heart, where emotions are likely to have a strong influence over your thoughts and actions.

Featuring uniquely designed spreads, including the Seashell Spiral and Starfish, plus one- and three-card reading suggestions for instinctive insight, this oracle is a beautiful and powerful divination tool. Whether you’re only just beginning to resonate with mermaid energy or you’re already fully open to going with the magical flow, know that miraculous transformations always happen when you open your heart and mind to the mermaids.


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