MANIFEST Meditation Candle

MANIFEST Meditation Candle

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Please remove all crystals, flowers and decoration before lighting.

Scent: Oud & Bergamot

Crystal: White Howlite

If you wish to Manifest, follow us on a journey to visualise your deepest desires and dreams. Clear your path of energetic blockages to help you claim all the abundance that is yours. Zone in on your purpose and manifesting it to fruition. This collection was designed in its purity and elegance to provide cleansing and charging of the mind. With fresh uplifting scents to raise the vibration of your surroundings and the intention to provide a sacred space anywhere you light this candle. Earthen tones echo the colours of Mother Nature to keep you feeling grounded and comforted. Build a sanctuary with this beautiful collection. Included with each candle is a tailored meditation which helps one to activate their crystal and find healing, calm and magic within themselves.

Manifest is scented with Oud and Bergamot to ground and uplift. Oud has been known to raise ones spiritual vibration whilst bergamot cleanses and helps lift spirits. Embedded is a jewel of White Howlite. This is the perfect crystal to accompany you on your manifestation journey. It calms and centres the mind and body and aids one in figuring out their true purpose and goals in life. It boosts ambition and drive, allowing you to actualise these goals ✨

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