MANIFEST Crystal Bracelet

MANIFEST Crystal Bracelet

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The Manifest Bracelet has been designed to wear to help boost your manifestations, step into a state of receiving and attract abundance.

Golden Rutilated Quartz is a master manifestor. It amplifies intention and is powerful for setting goals. It helps you connect to the higher realms through dreams and guidance. 

Clear Quart helps you elevate to a vibration of gratitude and love. When you’re on this frequency, more comes to you. You’re gifted with more of the energy you give, and so by already being in a state of gratitude, your manifestations will come even quicker.


Each bracelet comes in a bespoke box


PLEASE NOTE - bracelet partings will tarnish over time due to nature of the metal, especially if exposed to water / perfume / oils. We have a 30day only warranty for exchanges on this item.

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