Lyra Starseed Candle
Lyra Starseed Candle

Lyra Starseed Candle

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Please remove all crystals, flowers and decoration before lighting.

Starseeds are souls that have originated from other planets and constellations, reincarnated on this earth to raise its vibration and serve their life’s purpose.

If you have felt a longing for a place that doesn’t exist, or never feel like you quite fit in, or feel very called to your spiritual path, you may be a Starseed.
Most starseeds are drawn to spiritual arts, healing, witchcraft, or psychism. They want to know what’s beyond the veil and feel like they have a larger purpose than just existing.

The Lyra candle is inspired by the Lyra Constellation. Lyrian Starseeds are extremely creative. Said to hail from a feline race beyond the stars, if you have a Lyrian soul, you likely feel very comfortable in who you are. Lyrian exude confidence and wisdom, and have a joy for life and adventure. They often need a lot of time alone to recharge and bask in their independence, and feel that their purpose on this earth is to inspire creativity and joy in others.

The Lyra candle is infused with one precious Clear Quartz point in the centre of the candle. Meditating with clear quartz is an incredible way to connect to source itself and receive divine wisdom and messages. In a crystal grid around it, we have placed Herkimer diamonds, a deeply pure and high energy crystal. Herkimer diamonds are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy, and help to attune one to the vibration or the universe, while also deeply cleansing and aligning all energy centres within the body. 

Scent : Egyptian Amber

The Lyra Candle has been created to help you reconnect with your soul - to deepen your spiritual practice, creativity and meditation and ultimately discover or encourage your divine purpose on this planet - to shine a light on others.

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