Kefi Crystal Kit

Kefi Crystal Kit

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Kefi Crystal Kit 🍯

Kefi (n) : From Greek - the spirit of joy and enthusiasm, expressed in abundance and happiness

The Kefi Kit is for the manifestors. With high vibe stones that transform energy into positivity, raising your vibration to start manifesting with complete effortless ease. The spirit of Kefi is to love every drop of life, to dance in the rain and bask in the sun, finding beauty in the small things and magic in the mundane. We’ve chosen crystals that help keep negativity at bay, aid in attracting abundance and keeping spirits high and motivated. Included are :

Golden Healer Quartz - the master healer. Golden healer quartz runs energy through each chakra healing right up to the crown where it shines golden light through the aura.

Carnelian - a stone of confidence and vibrancy this stone is like a pick me up for your energy, giving you strength and motivation, as well as boosting self esteem

Aventurine - labelled the ‘fortune stone’ of the Crystal world, Aventurine provides luck and positivity, and has the most beautiful happy energy, focusing particularly on heart energy

Citrine - the master abundance stone of course! Citrine is packed with sunlight energy, it transmutes negative energy into positive, is a great stone to hold or place on manifestation lists and is said to attract abundance and prosperity to the user

Included in each kit are crystal cards which include more information on the crystal

*sizes, shape and colour may vary from the crystals pictured here due to the natural nature of the product

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