HIGH PRIESTESS Cauldron Candle
HIGH PRIESTESS Cauldron Candle

HIGH PRIESTESS Cauldron Candle

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Please remove all crystals, flowers and decoration before lighting.

The High Priestess is the one who walks between worlds. All knowing, all seeing, she plants one foot in the land of the living and the other in the spirit world. The High Priestess’s intuition is unparalleled, she follows her gut at every turn, and uses her higher consciousness to connect with other realms.

To invoke the High Priestess is to be ready for the next step of your spiritual journey, to lift the veil and see the truth in all things. Wise beyond her years, calm and always in complete control, the High Priestess wields magic and power equally.
The High Priestess cauldron candle is infused with lapis lazuli, a stone that aids in opening the third eye and enhancing psychic abilities, and sodalite which is known as a stone of truth, one that helps to guide you down the path that was meant for you in this life.

It is scented with a dark blend of jasmine, ambergris and cedar 🧿

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