Helios Soul Soak

Helios Soul Soak

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Scent - Grapefruit & Lime

Energy - Confidence & creativity

Crystal - Carnelian


The name is inspired by the Greek Sun God Helios, a powerful Titan who would pull his golden chariot across the sky making the sun rise. At night he would drive it languidly back across the sky so that his sister Selene could take up here watch with the moon.

The flowers contained in this vibrant blend are Helichrysum flowers, gloriously named after the sun god for how yellow the petals are and the way they turn to the Sun.

The scent of Helios is one to uplift you with one inhale, zingy grapefruit and juicy lime essential oils provide an instant pick me up.

Finally topped with a Carnelian crystal, a stone of creativity and abundance which works with the sacral chakra to enhance libido, passion and that fierce goddess energy.

 Part of our Pink Soul Soak Trio

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