Femme Crystal Kit

Femme Crystal Kit

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A crystal kit for divine feminine energy and self love. The divine feminine is a multifaceted energy. It is creative, it births life and ideas into the world, it is the warrior spirit who protects and stands her ground. It is kindness, empathy, intuition and feeling - allowing and receiving, comfortable with the path unknown. The aim of this kit is to bring the user into a state of flow, in touch with ones emotions and feelings without being overwhelmed, transforming into a radiant being of love and compassion. Each kit contains: 

Rose Quartz - the stone of universal love. An obvious choice due to its beautiful love radiating energy.

Sunstone - a stone of empowerment and self confidence helping you to stand in your light.

Rhodonite - the empathy stone, said to aid in relieving trauma, keeping distress at bay 

Moonstone - the ultimate goddess stone, this enhances intuition, helps attune your cycles and connects with lunar energy

* Crystals vary between sizes of 20-40mm

*sizes, shape and colour may vary due to the natural nature of the product

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