Circe Dark Goddess Candle

Circe Dark Goddess Candle

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Please remove all crystals, flowers and decoration before lighting.

For those in the midst of a spiritual awakening. Inspired by the goddess of magic, Circe embodies protection, grounding and enhanced intuition. After being exiled to an island for her powers, being the first God to wield magic, Circe cultivated her gifts and used it to heal as well as to protect herself and cause harm to men who came to the island, believing they could take what did not belong to them. She embodies true power and integrity, unafraid of being an outcast and unbothered by other’s perception of her, able to hold her own.

Scented with frankincense and myrrh reminiscent of sacred spaces, the scent of spell books, and incense. It helps one to ground to the earth and inspire magic.

Infused with Tiger’s Eye, an extremely powerful protection stone. Tiger’s Eye is associates with the third eye chakra, enhances wisdom and intuition promotes strength and resilience as well as focus and realisation of your goals 👁

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