Aphrodite’s Love Potion Spell Candle

Aphrodite’s Love Potion Spell Candle

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This spell candle is designed to light and bring love and beauty into your life - in all shapes and forms! 🦢💞

🪞Light the candle and read out the accompanying spell to activate its magick.
Aphrodites Love Potion is for the love witch. Those drawn to romance, beauty and glamour. Love witches enjoy the finer things in life, exude kindness and softness and are hopeless romantics. Make it a part of your ritual to light this candle as you get ready in the morning, as you say your affirmations, as you meditate on your heart, as you manifest your dream lover.
Magick is all about intention, so keep in mind the energy you want to attract before you light this beauty.

🦢 Aphrodites Love Potion is scented with pear, jasmine, tonka bean and patchouli, and is accompanied with a small rose quartz point for you to wear or keep to feel loving and beautiful energy throughout your day.

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