50cl Aphrodite Candle
50cl Aphrodite Candle

50cl Aphrodite Candle

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Aphrodite, divine love in candle form 💓☁️💫

Princess, goddess, know your worth energy. Embody every archetype you adore and stand in your strength and beauty. Aphrodite’s energy reminds you that a queen doesn’t dumb it down, she makes you rise to her level or leaves you in the dust. Don’t accept less and don’t settle. Light Aphrodite, hold your rose quartz and lift your chin high. You deserve to be treated as though you are sacred.
Included with each candle is a ritual to help you embody just this, a self love ceremony guiding you to feel empowered, gentle and strong all at once

*All decorations, flowers and crystals MUST be removed before lighting candle 

scent : Myrrh and Tonka

Crystal : Rose Quartz,  Crystal shade and size may vary

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