Amalfi Soul Soak

Amalfi Soul Soak

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Scent - Mandarin & Neroli

Energy - Balancing

Crystal - Moonstone

Inspored by drives along coastal Italy as mandarin and lemon groves waft to you on a sea salt breeze.

The energy of Amalfi is one of balance.
Amalfi contained pure Mandarin oil, an oil that uplifts and invigorates the mind, as well as magickally said to attract prosperity. Heavenly Neroli oil blends with this, an oil of pure light which is associated with the goddess and femininity, a great calmer.
It is blended with beautiful Gomphrena flower, a powerful antioxidant when soaked in water that floats on the surface of your bath like little lanterns.
We’ve striped Pink Himalayan salt, filled with properties of increasing circulation and boosting the metabolism, as well as balancing the PH Levels of the body, and layered it with Dead Sea Salt, for the ultimate detox and purification, both physically and spiritually.
Finally; each Amalfi is topped with a chunk of Moonstone, the ultimate stone of balance and the goddess. Soak this in your bath to create an elixir of harmony and enhance intuition and divine feminine qualities or if needing a pinch of extra kindness or love to yourself.

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