Akasha Crystal Kit

Akasha Crystal Kit

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Named after the sanskrit word for ‘Aether’ - a higher realm where all soul knowledge is stored. It is said that the Akashic Records are a space that you can enter once reaching a high level of attunement during meditation, to access information on your past lives and past civilisations, as well as wisdom from your spirit guides and the divine.

This kit was designed to aid you on your spiritual journey, open one’s heart to guidance and strengthen intuition and magick. Included are:

Amazonite - a stone which holds divine energy, enhancing communication and connection with the angelic realm and spirit guides, promoting peace.

Fluorite - aligns one with their soul’s purpose, clearing a path for your calling. It clears confusing and cluttered thoughts and connects one to Source.

Labradorite - known as the stone of magic, this crystal is transformative. Incredibly protective, it shields the aura from negative energy or anything that would drain it. It can awaken mystical & psychic abilities as well as enhance awareness to synchronicities and signs from the Universe.

Selenite - A stone of light, Selenite is a powerful cleanser. Placed in rooms or on the body, it purifies the energy and cleanses all the chakras. A wonderful stone to use in meditation to connect with spiritual guidance as well as instill deep peace in the user.

* Crystal sizes vary between 20-40mm

*sizes, shape and colour may vary from the crystals pictured here due to the natural nature of the product

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