50cl Celestial  Candle

50cl Celestial Candle

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Please remove all crystals, flowers and decoration before lighting.

Celestial Ritual Candle 🦋

Our 3 wicks are finally here after so much patience from you all! Designed to be lit and used during rituals, with a ritual that accompanies each one. Celestial is a candle we designed to help alleviate blockages, allow one to release worries and enter a place of calm. With our longest burn time yet and FOUR Aquamarine crystals, with a highly scented clean linen aroma to help you feel comforted and clear headed.
Take a deep breath and allow cooling energy to flow through you with the new version of this special candle 🦋

*All decorations, flowers and crystals MUST be removed before lighting candle 

* crystal shade and size may vary

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