Medusa Dark Goddess Candle

Medusa Dark Goddess Candle

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Please remove all crystals, flowers and decoration before lighting.

Inspired by the Queen of Monsters herself. Once a beautiful maiden, cursed by the cruel gods, Medusa transformed her pain into power. The snake is a powerful and ancient symbol of transformation. The shadow prompts included with Medusa will shine a gentle light on your wounds so you may take your power back from them.

Scented with agave flower, sea salt, grapefruit and bitter cacao, a deep rich fragrance (any who remember our Furia candle we brought back the scent for this candle) to cleanse and ground your energy.

Infused with mesmerising Malachite, one of the most powerful stones of purification and transformation. Malachite shows what’s blocking your spiritual growth and what wounds you have been avoiding looking at. It helps to overcome fears and provide aid in building your inner strength, stepping into your rightful place in the universe.

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