Heavenly Bodies Signed Paperback Copy, by Imani Erriu

Heavenly Bodies Signed Paperback Copy, by Imani Erriu

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In a world ruled by the Stars, cruel and merciless gods that watch over the world, Elara has been cursed by fate. A prophecy that promises that she will fall for a Star, and it will kill them both.

But when one descends to wreak havoc on Elara's kingdom, she is forced to flee into the arms of her enemy in the neighbouring country.
As she learns more about her own magic, and the depth of the Stars' deceit, she finds herself also learning more about the country she takes refuge in, and the enemy prince forced to train her into a weapon.
Something dark brews within her, a power made of night and shadows, that begs to be broken free.

A stunning debut novel, Erriu weaves romance, intrigue and mythology together, all against the backdrop of a fantasy world you will never want to leave.

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