Fallen Stars Signed Copy

Fallen Stars Signed Copy

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Signed by the author herself.

The much anticipated sequel to Heavenly Bodies, an adult fantasy romance fiction novel:


Stars will fall.”

Elara is vengeful.

Her love is in a deep sleep, trapped between the realms of life and death.
Her enemy has vanished, Enzo’s only connection to the waking world with him.
And a life that Elara has never wanted has been thrust upon her, along with a new power she can not control.

Now a disgraced queen, Elara must go on a quest to find a way to wake Enzo, while also seeking the lost Titans, a league of gods who ruled the world long before the Stars.

But there is a darker power at play, one that even Ariete, King of the Stars, is afraid of. With enemies at every turn, Elara must tread carefully if she has any hope of waking her soulmate, and fulfilling her promise to make every Star fall.

The much anticipated sequel to Heavenly Bodies, Fallen Stars is the fantasy adventure you’ve waited for, complete with pirates, circuses and dark magick, as well as secrets that will leave you reeling long after you’ve turned the last page.



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