Aura Crystal Kit

Aura Crystal Kit

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A Crystal kit designed to help you look within and focus on elevating your vibration and cleansing your aura. Each crystal focuses on different chakras throughout the body to help align your energy.

Rose Aura - transmuted deeply ingrained doubts about self worth and encourages unconditional acceptance (heart chakra)

Angel Aura - high vibrational energy that uplifts the spirit and instilla deep peace. Opens a channel for angelic messages (all chakras)


Amethyst Aura - facilitates transformation of lower energies into higher, elevates your vibration while maintaining peace (third eye and crown chakra)


Tangerine Aura - powerful for enhancing creativity, boosts self esteem and confidence and helps bring ones sexuality into full bloom. Helps to release feelings of shame and guilt (sacral and solar plexus chakra)

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